Korcetti (cor-set-ee) noun: a fun place to get "showered" with help and information from the K.A.M

Go grab some coffee ladies and gentlemen! That’s right it’s Monday again!

I hope everyone had great weekends and are ready for a fabulous week. Here in the Account Management department of Korcett we are all caffeinated and plowing through our in boxes to make sure all of our properties are ready to start the week off on a great foot.

I wanted to share with you a question that was sent to me over the weekend, as I’m sure a few of you have wondered the same…

“Sorry to sound naive, but what is a device? You use this word a lot.”

First of all, this is not a silly question. I wondered this and asked this exact question when I first started working at Korcett. A device is any piece of technology that needs an Internet connection. So yes, this means desk tops and laptops, but also smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, E readers, etc… Don’t forget to remind your residents that any device they want to connect to the Internet needs to be added to their account via the device’s MAC Address.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the May 15th Newsletter on Wednesday.



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