Korcetti (cor-set-ee) noun: a fun place to get "showered" with help and information from the K.A.M

Google Glass

Here at Korcett residents continue to amaze us by how many devices they register to their accounts. We’ve looked up specific residents to find ten, fourteen, fifteen devices on their one account! How can one person have so many gadgets that need access to the Internet? We are constantly joking about how soon their hair dryers, watches, lamps… everything in their apartments will have the capability to update their Facebook status and take online quizzes for class.

So, really we weren’t surprised when we heard about Google Glass.  But we were surprised how awesome these glasses seem (even under their slightly fashion faux pas exterior).  So what is Google Glass?  This voice activated eye wear will do just about anything requested.  Show the person on the other end what you are seeing, take a picture, or just be another face fashion accessory.

Check their website here… http://www.google.com/glass/start/

We may not be ballet dancers or trapeze artist, but being able to take photos and videos by only a verbal command seems cool to us.

What do y’all think? Would you wear them? Do you think in a year or two residents will be show up on move in day wearing Google Glass so they can let their friends back home see their new apartments?



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