Korcetti (cor-set-ee) noun: a fun place to get "showered" with help and information from the K.A.M

Here in Austin super hot weekends bring super hot Mondays. So, why the K.A.M. hides out from the Texas summer heat we have just a few reminders for you and your management team…

* Korcett is hiring! If you know anyone looking for employment in Austin with a great company click on the tab at the top of this page that reads, “Hiring”.

* We would like to welcome a few new properties to the Korcett family. A big hello to everyone from 1200 West Marshall, Hillside Ranch phase 3, Domain at Fayetteville, Grand Campus Yorik, and The Collegiate at Lexington,

FYI Awesome new properties, don’t forget to start following us on Twitter, @korcett .

* Educational Documents for your residents can always be found at the top of our blog. Click “Move In Documents”.

* Feel free to contact your Account Manager if you ever think your residents could benefit from a new handout, an in person visit from the K.A.M., or just to let us know how we are doing.




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