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New Technology That Rocks

This fall has brought some amazing new technology to the marketplace. Many of the new and exciting products are accessories for Internet devices. I’m sure your residents will be using them and loving them in no time.

This first one seems like a no brainer- a real must have for college students as well as professionals.

The iSketchnote


The iSketchnote is a cover for an iPad that allows the user to take written notes on paper on the top of their iPad that will then also be stored electronically in iSketchnote. This means that after class or a meeting the user will have a hard copy of notes or drawings to have on hand, but also they will be saved to their iPad. The technology has been designed to not only compete with other sketching pads for tablets that are already on the market, but vastly out do them in annoying “lag” time.


Timehop is one of Account Management’s favorite new apps. It’s a free app that allows you, the user, to see back in time what they have communicated via Social Media in the past five years. By adding access to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Flickr, and even your phone’s camera roll you can see what you posted on this day last year, 2 years ago… on down to 5 years back.


What are your favorite new apps or device accessories? Have you seen your residents using any new technology this semester? Let us know in the comments.

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