Korcetti (cor-set-ee) noun: a fun place to get "showered" with help and information from the K.A.M

Happy Friday everyone!

Before you pack it in for the weekend, make sure you check out the newest issue of the K.A.M.’s bimonthly newsletter. This issues we covered vital information about what it’s like being a resident at an apartment complex where the Internet is powered by Korcett. You can read about tips and tricks to help troubleshoot and some very important Do’s and Don’ts of the Internet. Here is the link in case you missed it in your inbox.

Korcett Newsletter 14

Also, for your viewing pleasure today, below are some photos from Korcett’s last afternoon outside of the office. We took a break to head to the banks of Lake Austin and one of our favorite hang outs/eateries, Ski Shores. (You can find them here… Ski Shores Restaurant)


Clinton our Director of Technology and Joe our Lead Network Field Engineer chat over yummy food.


David Lippke (who was recently promoted to President) and Kevin our COO play an intense (is there any other kind) game of corn hole.


Grayson and Phillip (both part of the Support NOC team) also get involved in the outdoor games.


Our CEO and President are in a deep, deep conversation… probably about going to the gun range.


Phillip from NOC and Mike one of our Engineers converse with the ladies. (Anita – Accountant, Danielle – Sales Coordinator, Kristi – Account Manager, and Kelly – Chief of Staff)


Oh, and Rudy (Support Manager) was happy to be there.


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