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It’s an Awesome Monday for Inbox Questions

Happy Monday Everyone!

Early summer is a great time to ask any questions of the K.A.M you might be wondering about before things get crazy during fall move in.

This morning I had an email in my inbox asking, “What should I do when residents call the front office with Internet problems after a confirmed outage?” First off, this does happen. For example, if you shut your laptop with out closing any programs or if you hit the off button on your computer problems can arise when you try to restart that device. Imagine this happening with hundreds of devices! If this happens at your property please have those residents call the Support Desk. The Support Team will be able to walk them through troubleshooting these issues and get them back online in no time.

Remember the Korcett Support Desk number is 1-800-379-3729 and calls are answered within 3 minutes of calling.

As always keep sending your questions or concerns our way. We are here to help!

Have an awesome Monday!



Support Reminders

It’s Monday!



To start this week off on the right foot and race to Tuesday (See what we did there? Bolted right through Monday, heading onward to Tuesday). Let’s review a few points and procedures about calling the Korcett Support Team.

1. Please remember that the resident who is experiencing problems needs to call the Support Desk from their apartment with their computer or device in front of them. You will not be able to troubleshoot for the resident.

2. Always remind the resident to write down their ticket number.  We say this over and over again, but it makes referencing the residents issue within our system faster and helps our Support staff quickly resume work on an issue. Long story short – everyone wins when we have this number to refer to.

3. Please do not give residents the Account Management Team’s direct contact information. We are awesome at a lot of things (being your voice at Korcett, navigating the crazy world of the Internet, answering your questions, and providing your team with a high level of  information pertaining to your property.)  Please have them call the Support Desk directly, as they are the gurus who can get your residents back online!

Here is the Support number in case you need it. 1-800-379-3729

Weekend Wondering About Devices (Monday)

Go grab some coffee ladies and gentlemen! That’s right it’s Monday again!

I hope everyone had great weekends and are ready for a fabulous week. Here in the Account Management department of Korcett we are all caffeinated and plowing through our in boxes to make sure all of our properties are ready to start the week off on a great foot.

I wanted to share with you a question that was sent to me over the weekend, as I’m sure a few of you have wondered the same…

“Sorry to sound naive, but what is a device? You use this word a lot.”

First of all, this is not a silly question. I wondered this and asked this exact question when I first started working at Korcett. A device is any piece of technology that needs an Internet connection. So yes, this means desk tops and laptops, but also smart phones, tablets, gaming devices, E readers, etc… Don’t forget to remind your residents that any device they want to connect to the Internet needs to be added to their account via the device’s MAC Address.

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the May 15th Newsletter on Wednesday.


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