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Office Decor Korcett Style

Its a fact that we spend more time at work and with our work families than at home with our actual families. Our homes are decorated with custom furniture, collections we love, and photos of our families, so why not our offices? Here is a look into how some Korcett employees have personalized their space.



* Anita (Accountant) has multiple framed Longhorn pictures. Many members of the Korcett Family bleed Burnt Orange.

* Lippke (VP) collects hats or visors from all the schools our residents attend. This is just a select few.

* Kevin (COO) is an avid hunter and has his trophies on his office wall.

* Nick’s (Support Desk Member) action figures watch over him as he takes calls.

* Elaine (Account Manager) was given the Flying Monkey sign by another co-worker during her second week of work. It seemed fitting.

* Lot’s of people display art created by their children. Kelly (Office Manager) shows off lots of colorful works of art done by her son.


Have a Great 4th of July! The K.A.M. will be back to work for you on Monday the 8th.


Getting Ready for the 4th of July

Can y’all believe it’s already July? We are halfway through 2013. Last week was Half Christmas and the 4th of July is this Thursday!

We don’t know if we can handle time moving this fast…

Are you and your residents prepared for the 4th? Here are some great links to websites to ensure that everyone has an exciting, fun, and safe holiday.

Are there no firework displays where your complex is? No worries, send your residents this link. Better yet, set up a large screen at the pool (or other social area) and view your own awesome display of firepower.

Just don’t play this video that shows San Diego’s entire 4th of July fireworks going off at one time.

Learn how to take a picture of words written in Sparklers, because don’t act like the very first thing you do with a sparkler isn’t write your name.



Korcett has an entire Pinterest board devoted to throwing the best 4th of July party ever.


Need a play list for your Patriotic Party. Here is a list of the most ‘Merica songs ever.


Don’t forget about your four legged residents. Fireworks and loud parties can be traumatizing to pets. Here are some of the Dog Whisper’s best tips for dealing with scared animals.


Happy Friday!

It’s Friday!

This week has been busy and fun here at Korcett.


* Kay (Procurement Manager) and Desiree (Senior Account Manager) were honored on Tuesday. They were recognized for their commitment to Outstanding Service and Teamwork.

* Everyone in the office is jealous of David Lippke’s (VP) stand up only desk. Can you spot the mirror he uses to make sure no one sneaks up on him?

* Everyone decorates their office with their own flare and style. Do you see your school’s hat on the wall?

* We couldn’t resist a photo op with Joe when he’s decked out completely in Korcett wear.

* Desiree and Dave (CEO) embrace after he presents her with her well deserved award.

Don’t forget to look for our July 1st newsletter on Monday and have a great weekend!

Korcett Team Bonding

Sometimes you just have to get out of the office. Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam.

And sometimes you just need to completely demolish some 10 year old kids in Lazer Tag. Which is exactly what Team Korcett did yesterday afternoon. One of the great things about working for Korcett is the company understands employees need time away from their desks to engage with one another, learn how to best communicate, and well… bond. We spent yesterday afternoon at our local Main Event. We bowled, played pool, ate some delicious fried food, and killed it in Lazer Tag. Strategy was yelled in the Lazer Tag arena with our accountant, Anita, taking charge and leading the offense. Frank, in Software Development, and Desiree, Senior Account Manager, took the top honors in bowling. Frank is also the closet pool shark of the office and demolished everyone in pool.

Although our office is not huge, we don’t always interact with each other on a daily basis. Support has to always be at their desks to answer calls. The Management team spends so much of their time in meetings. The K.A.M. gets stuck on calls or answering emails. Days like yesterday let us all come together and remember why we are so lucky to work along side each other and grow with the same awesome company.

Does your property ever do team bonding days or activities? If not, here are some great options along with why out of the office team building activities are so important to improving company moral.




Happy Friday

We hope you all had a great week! We sure did. Yesterday we wrote about Kevin leading our stress management meeting by teaching us stress relief tips. You know what else relieves stress?




* We celebrated Mike, Rudy, and Kay’s birthdays this month. And by celebrated I mean we ate a lot of sweets.

* Kevin led the meeting with some much needed help from Clinton. They made a great team.

* All the ladies in the office (Elaine, Kelly, Desiree, Kay, Kristian, Kristi, and Anita) went to lunch for Kay’s birthday.


It’s Friday!

It’s been a long and productive week here at Korcett, but we are all happy to say…


Did you receive an email from your Account Manager with you KMC login and educational document? If you didn’t get an email with your login information, please let your Account Manager know and they will get that information out to you. Here is the KMC Help and Training Guide.

Korcett – KMC Help and Training Guide

Also, keep an eye out for our mid-June newsletter to be in your inbox on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

(In case you’re wondering who those people are above… Kelly (Office Manager), John (Baylor MBA Intern), and Jesse (Support Desk) are really excited about the weekend.)



Stopping Stress in the Workplace

Korcett Offices got a furry surprise this morning when Dez showed up with her 1 year old Boxer/Pit mix Arizona. Here she is guarding Dez’s desk and her secret stash of toys.


Did you know that having pets in the work place is a great way to calm stress and improve moral at the office? Check out this article from USA Today… More Companies, Citing Benefits, Allow Pets at Work.

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