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Best 10 Apps For College Students According to Men’s Health

Do you remember when you were in school and you heard about the best place to buy books at the random girl you sat next to in Biology 101? Or how you would stand in front of the billboards at the Student Center for a good ten minutes so you could find a roommate for next semester?  Or learn about the best party to attend on Friday, and grab a coupon for pizza anytime the football team won? K.A.M. remembers all of this, but students today… not so much. You know why?

There’s an App for that.

Men’s Health recently published an article listing the Best 10 Apps for college students, and after learning more about them, we’ve decided they would be pretty awesome for any college student.


A few of our personal favorites mentioned by Men’s Health are ‘Share Your Board’ and ‘Amazon Student’.

Share Your Board is note sharing App that is as easy as snapping a photo of any black board you see with notes written on it. After quickly uploading the photo you can search for your class notes by room number and time of day.

Amazon Student allows users to take a photo of the bar code of a pricey-brand new text book in the bookstore and then updates the student of where to find it used and cheaper. Plus, you can sell the textbooks back at the end of the semester for Amazon Gifts Cards – which is as good as cash in this day and age.

What other Apps to you know about that your students love?



Google Glass

Here at Korcett residents continue to amaze us by how many devices they register to their accounts. We’ve looked up specific residents to find ten, fourteen, fifteen devices on their one account! How can one person have so many gadgets that need access to the Internet? We are constantly joking about how soon their hair dryers, watches, lamps… everything in their apartments will have the capability to update their Facebook status and take online quizzes for class.

So, really we weren’t surprised when we heard about Google Glass.  But we were surprised how awesome these glasses seem (even under their slightly fashion faux pas exterior).  So what is Google Glass?  This voice activated eye wear will do just about anything requested.  Show the person on the other end what you are seeing, take a picture, or just be another face fashion accessory.

Check their website here… http://www.google.com/glass/start/

We may not be ballet dancers or trapeze artist, but being able to take photos and videos by only a verbal command seems cool to us.

What do y’all think? Would you wear them? Do you think in a year or two residents will be show up on move in day wearing Google Glass so they can let their friends back home see their new apartments?


Vacation With Your Phone and Newsletter Issue 3

Can y’all believe that it’s already June?

Here in Austin summer means weekends at the lake, snowballs from trailers, and late night porch sitting.

Here at Korcett, the summer months are some of our busiest. New properties are opening which means new property installations and the K.A.M is working hard to help their current properties prepare for the big fall semester move in.  As the summer months can get a crazy, we are spending this final month preparing for the summer crunch of installations and property move in.  This is why we love the App, Stray Boots.


Stray Boots is an App available for both the iPhone and Android that gives its user a complete tour of the current city you are in. It’s like a tour guide, quiz, and game all rolled into one. Users start at a central place (i.e. Time Square in New York) and answer a trivia question. Earning points gets the user deals at local museums, restaurants, and bars.  Stray Boots then tells a piece of trivia about the city or landmark. Example: the word “cops” is derived from the fact that New York policemen used to wear copper badges and were known among the citizens as “coppers”.

We can’t wait for Stray Boots to grow to other cities. If they need help creating the tour and trivia for Austin, there are plenty of Korcett employees who would jump on board.

PicMonkey Austin

Remember every two weeks the K.A.M. sends out their bimonthly Newsletter. If you didn’t receive it via email, you can read it here. Enjoy and remember, please feel free to reach out to us with any suggestions or questions you would like answered via the Newsletter or the Blog.

Newsletter Issue 3

3D Phones – Yay or Nay? (Tuesday)

I don’t know about y’all, but the K.A.M sometimes feels like we are glued to our phones. Whether for work or our personal cells, we pretty much feel naked without them.

Coming soon, Amazon is jumping into the Mobile arena with two new phone and one of them will be in 3D. Check out this article from CNN that goes into detail about this phone…

Amazon Working on a 3D Phone

Yay, another device for our tech savvy residents.

What do y’all think about having a 3D phone? Or a phone that can navigate by where you are looking? Let us know in the comments.

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