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K.A.M. Newsletter Issue 13

Hi Everyone!

In case between all the midterm drama and Halloween hoopla you missed our 13th Newsletter devoted to the Korcett Support Team here is a copy…

Korcett Newsletter 13

In the Newsletter you can read all about the differences between the Support Desk and NOC and great troubleshooting tips and tricks to remember and remind your residents about. Please feel free to send any feedback to your Account Manager.


Happy Halloween!

Once a year, we get to dress up as monsters, superheros, famous stars or whatever you desire, without judgement on the attire we wear for an entire 24 hours.  Or at least until November 1.  This year we want to wish everyone a safe and fun filled Halloween.

Halloween Collage

Happy Halloween

The K.A,M. LOVES Halloween. Seriously, you should see Kristi’s front porch and Elaine’s legit pumpkin carving skills. From costumes to candy, haunted houses to scary movies we are having a ball this time of the year, so Account Management wanted to share some of our favorite websites to help you and your residents get ready for the big day.

The Monster List of Halloween Ideas – 275 Great Halloween Ideas… 275!

Cheap and Chic DYI Decoration Ideas – we really love the spider and skull cross stitch canvases.


Halloween Ideas For Property Managers – Some great ideas on costume contests and turning the clubhouse into a haunted house.

Korcett Happy Halloween Pinterest Board – Of course we have our own Halloween Pinterest Board. I mean how could you not repin the following…

cc ck sf


A Ticket For Every Resident

Account Management would like to take today’s blog to answer a question we have been hearing a lot lately. “Why is it important for every resident to call in and create a Ticket when they are all experiencing the same problem?” Desiree, Kristi, and Elaine have all been asked this question within the past week.

So here’s the thing…

When a group of residents are all having the same issue it is important for them to all call into our Support Desk so we can see a clear picture of everyone in the complex who are having problems. When our NOC Team is looking in the Network for errors or issues, they need to be able to jump to and from Tickets to properly record notes and make absolutely sure that all these residents are really having the same problem. When seven people state they are having slow Internet speeds, more often than not two people have too many devices on their WiFi, two other people actually just need to reboot, and the remaining three might actually be on the same IDF that is showing problems. Also, if seven people are having a problem and only one creates a Ticket when we have solved the problem for the resident with the Ticket we have no way of knowing if the other six are also up and running. If we have seven Tickets, this mean that all seven residents will receive a call from our Support Desk to confirm that all is well and their Internet is perfect once again.

It really boils down to this, we want all our residents to receive the best customer service possible and they are not going get this level of service if they are an after thought on someone else’s Support Ticket. Each resident deserves to get our Support Teams’ sole attention when it comes to solving their Internet problem, even if this problem is the same as his/her friends’ down the hall.

I hope this sheds some light on this issue, and please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions about the Ticketing System.

The Internet Always Wins

Sure there are times when we are all a little nostalgic for the days before the Internet. In our minds, sepia colored memories of playing outside as kids buzz through our brain. Everyone can recall the days of sharing photo albums with good friends and actually having to go into stores at 4 AM on Black Friday to get a good deal on Dad’s new power tools. But, let’s be honest here, do we really miss those times all that much? The Internet is AWESOME!

Top 5 Reasons the Internet Always Wins

1. GIFS – Is there anything better than being entertained over and over again. It’s like instant gratification and then more instant gratification and then more… yeah you get the idea.

cat gif

2. Research – Doing research used to be such a pain. If you were lucky you owned a 10 year old volume of Encyclopedias  that were bought at a garage sale and horribly out dated. If not, you have to drive yourself to the library and spend a good hour looking through the card catalog before heading out on a treacherous expedition into the stacks of books to only find that 3 out of the 4 you needed were already checked out. Now, all you need to do is search a topic and BOOM – thousands of results for you to choose from.


Which brings me to…

4. Google (or whatever search engine you prefer) – Besides actual research (see above) Google is the greatest way to prove everyone wrong and that yes, you are in fact, 100% correct when you say that the New Zealand flag has Union Jack and the Southern Cross constellation on a background of blue. Seriously, everyone knows this! How did people win arguments about random trivia facts with their friends and family before Google?


5. Facebook – Yes, I know there are people out there that despise Facebook. We, however, are not in that group. Let’s just put aside the whole social aspect of being able to communicate with your friends and share fun photos and videos with your family… Facebook has made online people searching a socially acceptable thing to do. I The next greatest thing is that you don’t actually have to go to your 10 or 20 year High School reunion because you already know what everyone is up to and doing.  The people who you actually liked and would want to see, well you are friends with them and talk to them via Facebook!


Crazy Team Korcett

Happy Friday Everyone!

Have you ever said something around the office that quickly escalated into something way cooler and way more fun than you ever thought it would? Well, that is what happened with Crazy Leggings/Tights Day here at the Korcett office. It has finally cooled down here in Austin to the low 70s, which of course means boots, sweaters, and scarves. (Gotta love living in Central Texas)

Some how in the midst of chatting about this gorgeous weather, the ladies of Korcett decided that today needed to be Crazy Leggings/Tights day. An email was sent, plans were made, and this morning we all showed up with varying degrees of ridiculous legs.

We fully expect to be judged.


(From Left to Right…

Danielle Martin, Project Sales Coordinator – Elaine Haygood, Account Manager – Kelly Jelson, Office Manager – Lisa Cortes, VP of Business Development – Kristi Mann, Account Manager – Mike Nichols, Lead Engineer, Desiree Williams, Senior Account Manager)

We hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Have you checked your email today? If so, I’m sure you have seen plenty from your Account Manager including the 12th K.A,M. Newsletter which covers the most frequently asked questions during Fall Move In to the K.A.M. and our Support Team, and the End of Quarter 3 Korcett Survey. We can’t stress enough how important this survey is for Korcett and the relationship we hold with your property and your residents.   The more information you can give us the better we can improve and grow.

Here is a link to the Newsletter… Korcett Newsletter 12

Here is a link to the Survey… Quarter 3 Korcett Survey

Fun and exciting changes are coming to Korcett and we’d like to drop a few hints…


New Website?

New Employees?

Stay tuned for more information!

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