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Cyber Monday!

It’s the most wonderful day of the year to be online! Cyber Monday is finally here!

Check out the great deals below and Happy Holiday Hunting!

Amazon – Deals include $50 off a Kindle Fire, 40% off video games, and over 50% off select digital cameras. We hope you’ve got an Amazon Prime account to get free 2 day shipping!

Walmart – Shop today and get $50 off select tablets, 50 inch HGTV for $448, and a Dyson Vacuum for over 40% off the everyday price.

You can also check out sites like Gizmodo for lists of the best deals from all online retailers. They break it down very easy by letting you know the cheapest websites to buy video games or a new cell phone.

Don’t forget Groupon! They have coupons available for  great gifts for the upcoming holiday season like perfume, bedding, and kids toys.

Let us know if we missed a great deal that you found. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Korcett Joins Facebook!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and Blog readers all around the country, The K.A.M. is excited to announce that Korcett has officially taken the last and deepest plunge into Social Media – Facebook!

Please take a moment out of your day to Like our page here…Korcett On Facebook

We are excited to join Facebook and use it’s presence to connect further with our Properties, staff and residents alike. We would like our page to be a one stop location for fun updates on technology and life as one of our residents. Also, we are hoping it will give you the opportunity to get know the Korcett Team a little bit better, because we really are a fun bunch here in Austin.

While you are on the Social Media kick don’t forget to check Korcett out on it’s other Social Sites…

Twitter – Korcett

LinkedIn – Korcett

Pinterest – Korcett

I’m sure everyone doesn’t need a reminder, but this week is Thanksgiving. The Account Management Team will be out of the office on both Thursday (11/28) and Friday (11/29). Feel free to call 512-419-7419 ext. 2 or send an email to KAM@Korcett.com for Holiday assistance.


Korcett Has A New Website

Happy Friday Everyone!

The entire Korcett Team is happy to announce that we have a brand new website! Check is out here… Korcett’s Website

As you can see the new website is a one stop site for everyone including residents, property management, and future clients! Residents and Property Management Staff can log in to the KMC on the Residents tab. Everyone can learn more about the Korcett Team on the About Us page. Soon we will be rolling out a new Blog format, so stay tuned.

Have a Great Weekend!

E-books and non-traditional ways of reading have been around for years now. More and more people are buying e-books everyday, and not just for fun. Students have quickly learned that it can be less expensive to buy an electronic copy of a text book or a professor’s book, than to buy it at the University’s book store. There is a great new website to help in finding the best cost of an e-book called Luzme.

When you visit Luzme you can search books by title, author, series, or even ISBN number. Once you have found the book that you are searching for, Luzme shows you (in a nice neat graph) the prices of the the book from multiple online shopping websites. For example, When I type in “Another Roadside Attraction” I learn the following…


We can get our favorite Tom Robbins book anywhere from $10.65 to $11.99.  We know what you’re thinking, “That’s not such a big cost difference.”  But what if we told you many of the textbooks show up with cost differences from $5 to $10? It’s a great way to help college students save big money every semester when they need multiple books for every class.

Do you know any other ways students save money on books? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Friday everyone!

Before you pack it in for the weekend, make sure you check out the newest issue of the K.A.M.’s bimonthly newsletter. This issues we covered vital information about what it’s like being a resident at an apartment complex where the Internet is powered by Korcett. You can read about tips and tricks to help troubleshoot and some very important Do’s and Don’ts of the Internet. Here is the link in case you missed it in your inbox.

Korcett Newsletter 14

Also, for your viewing pleasure today, below are some photos from Korcett’s last afternoon outside of the office. We took a break to head to the banks of Lake Austin and one of our favorite hang outs/eateries, Ski Shores. (You can find them here… Ski Shores Restaurant)


Clinton our Director of Technology and Joe our Lead Network Field Engineer chat over yummy food.


David Lippke (who was recently promoted to President) and Kevin our COO play an intense (is there any other kind) game of corn hole.


Grayson and Phillip (both part of the Support NOC team) also get involved in the outdoor games.


Our CEO and President are in a deep, deep conversation… probably about going to the gun range.


Phillip from NOC and Mike one of our Engineers converse with the ladies. (Anita – Accountant, Danielle – Sales Coordinator, Kristi – Account Manager, and Kelly – Chief of Staff)


Oh, and Rudy (Support Manager) was happy to be there.

Technicians and Onsite Visits

The Korcett Account Management Team has been getting a lot of questions asking to clarify the truck roll process and how we ensure technicians arrive to you and your residents when they are needed. We hope we can clarify some of this confusion and please feel free to send specific questions or concerns to your Account Manager.

* Different Support Team Members request technicians to be sent onsite depending on the problem that is being fixed. If just one resident needs help our Tier 1 Support Team will get someone onsite. If it is a building or site wide problem, our NOC (Tier 2) will request the technician.

* The Korcett Office is in Austin, Texas therefore, we partner with different MSOs and 3rd Party Technicians when sending someone onsite. Whoever the company is that works in your area of the country, we are all working together to get the problem resolved in the shortest amount of time.

* Even if the onsite Technician isn’t a Korcett employee, the majority of time the Technician to working over the phone with a member of our Support Team.

* When a technician arrives onsite they will first check in with the front office, so you will know who is onsite and when.

Remember if you have any questions or if you think you need a Technician to help with a problem or concern, please let your Account Manager know via phone call or email.

Twitter Goes Public

While perusing Yahoo this morning an article on the Best Tweets ever was trending because of Twitter going public. It’s a good mix of funny (Oreo tweeting during the Super Bowl power outage), the unbelievable (Captain Sully landing on the Hudson), and Socially Aware (government disapproval in Egypt). Check out the others here… 10 Greatest Tweets of All Time

An interesting thing to note is while Twitter hit the public sphere this morning to a great applause, Facebook, Yelp, and other Social Sites stocks feel multiple points. How long will this last, and how with Twitter going public even out prices in the long run?

Another big question… How many Twitter workers, most outside of the executive team, will be made millionaires over night?  Twitter Millionaires

Here is a great look into the days leading up to today, today, and what the future could bring for Twitter and their new share holders. Did you know that pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds all got a crack at buying the stock before you and me today? Twitter Going Public

Don’t forget to follow Korcett on Twitter – @korcett



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